Perfect opportunity, carnivals at Samari Spa Resort

Carnival is one of the most important and fun festivals in Ecuador and is celebrated throughout the country. But when talking about Samari Resort Spa in Baños de Agua Santa, it's all about fun and an opportunity to enjoy music, dancing and joy with friends and family. This event is known for its vibrant energy and festive atmosphere that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Here are some reasons why Carnival is a fun party in Ecuador and in Baños de Agua Santa:

  • Music and dancing: Music is a fundamental part of Carnival and different genres can be heard, from traditional Afro-Ecuadorian and folkloric music to electronic music. People gather in the streets to dance and sing together, creating a vibrant and fun atmosphere.
  • Costumes: One of the most fun parts of Carnival is the opportunity to dress up in creative and colorful costumes. People can choose to dress up as movie characters, animals, superheroes, among others. Seeing people in different costumes is a spectacle in itself.
  • Food and drink: During Carnival, delicious typical food and drinks are prepared to share with friends and family. These include empanadas, locro de papas, among others. Food and drink stands can also be found everywhere, allowing people to enjoy the delicious food while dancing and having fun.
  • Culture and traditions: Carnival is an opportunity to preserve and celebrate local culture and traditions. It is a way to connect with the community and learn about Ecuador's history and culture.
  • The joy and the atmosphere: Carnival is a fun party because people are happy and in a party mood. There is laughter, applause and a lot of positive energy in the air. It is an opportunity to let loose, enjoy yourself and create lasting memories.

In short, Carnival in Ecuador is a fun and vibrant festival that offers people the opportunity to enjoy music, dance, food, drink and culture. It is a way to connect with the community, preserve local traditions and create lasting memories. If you ever have the opportunity to attend the Carnival in Baños de Agua Santa, Samari Spa Resort is your best choice.

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