What is the weather like in Baños de Agua Santa?

Baños de Agua Santa is surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and hot springs. It is known as the gateway to the Amazon and therefore has a diverse microclimate and most of the time very variable.

It is a spring climate, with an average temperature of 11 °C - 25 °C, most of the year, as well as rainy days. Its rainfall is 2755mm.

The hottest month according to the temperature diagram of Baños averages 12.5 °C in November. From June, July and August at 10.4 °C on average, July is the coldest month of the year. It should be noted that the weather can change with sunny and hot days.

In the city of Baños de Agua Santa the climate is variable, neither too cold nor too hot, but there are changes in temperature, this is not an impediment to enjoy the activities that this magnificent city has to offer.

An important recommendation, weather apps do not show the exact weather information of the city. Do not trust when checking the app when it notifies you that it is sunny, we suggest that before travelling to the city contact us and ask for weather information in the last few days so you will have a proper report of the weather in the city.

Samari Spa gives you some recommendations that you can do on sunny days and cloudy or rainy days.

Sunny days are undoubtedly the days when you can go out and enjoy yourself to the fullest, walk along the city's trails, visit the different viewpoints such as Bellavista and Ojos del Volcán.

Other activities that can be done are: cycling through the streets of the city, horseback riding through the valleys of the Nahuazo sector, extreme sports such as canopy, bridge jumping, rafting and canyoning. These last two are for both sunny and rainy days so don't worry if you are thinking of doing this activity you can enjoy it without any problem.

On rainy days at Samari Spa you have facilities where you can spend a pleasant afternoon visiting our spa or our heated swimming pool.

Baños de Agua Santa is definitely worth a visit, if the weather is sunny and clear, even if you are lucky you can see the Tungurahua Volcano from the viewpoints located in the city.

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