Experiences for a memorable stay


Enjoy our gardens with your family, they are the perfect place to rest for a moment, read a little, meditate or talk in the middle of nature, build memories and memories in the beautiful green spaces of Samari Spa Resort.

open-air museum

Our open-air museum, full of antiques such as the first wheelchair in Riobamba or the wheels of the first Ambato carriage, is located in Samari, walking through corridors full of history and works of art is part of the experience.

The harvest

Fruit trees can be found in our gardens, depending on the season you can pick their fruits and enjoy them while relaxing in our gardens. 

Want something more... we provide a space with arrangements and decorations to make this a memorable experience.

campfire at sunset

From before sunset, the breeze is fresh and it is a perfect time for a bonfire with a delicious canelazo.

path of flowers

Samari Spa Resort's Feng Shui inspired trails are ideal for a morning of hiking or outdoor sports, while enjoying the colours and scents of our flowers.

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