Pet Friendly, the best option to stay in the baths of agua santa


Your trip would not be complete without the most loyal member of your family. If you are looking for a hotel where your pet is treated as it deserves then let me tell you that you have found it.

At Samari Spa Resort we welcome our four-legged friends.
Enjoy your holiday in a friendly atmosphere.

We would like to emphasise the following guidelines that are intended to improve your stay and that of your pet.

Lhe general rules for your stay at Samari Spa are not difficult to follow, and allow you to have a proper coexistence with your pet.

General rules:

Does it cost extra to the room rate?

Rooms that are designated "Pet Friendly" require extra cleaning, which is one reason for the extra cost.

Don't forget to contact us at the time of booking, check availability and specify the breed and weight of your pet.

We welcome dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, but we recommend that you check the room rate for your pet first.
The extra cost of the room rate will depend on the size of your pet.

All four-legged friends should be up to date with their vaccinations, clean, flea and tick free.

Pets must not behave aggressively and must not disturb other guests for any reason, if they do, it is the owner's responsibility to intervene.

Your pet must wear an identification collar, use a leash when in shared spaces with other guests.

It is forbidden to enter the pool area, spa and restaurant.

Under no circumstances may your furry friend use the guest bathroom.

We allow ONE dog per room, but you can consult in case of coming with two, depending on the availability of our reservations.

We recommend that you bring your pet's bedding with you so that it recognises a familiar smell and place it in a place close to where the bedding is placed, as well as containers for water and food.

A guarantee will be requested at check-in (damages caused by your pet will be charged to your account). An inspection will be made at check-out and you will be informed of the cost. 

It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet.

It is recommended that you bring all waste disposal accessories for your pet.

Once you make a reservation you accept all the policies of our resort.

Reminder that pets are not allowed in the pool area, spa and restaurant.

Samari Spa has green areas for your faithful companion to enjoy an incredible holiday with you.

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