Health measures covid-19

Our responsibility is to work to prevent, control and reduce the risk from COVID-19 at all our facilities.

We have implemented a series of Biosecurity protocols that have helped us to offer a better service to our guests with high standards of biosecurity and hygiene.

We reinforce cleaning and hygiene measures, mainly on surfaces that are frequently touched, such as: handles, reception furniture, doors, common areas, restrooms, canteens, customer service area, handrails, locks, telephones, desk surfaces, etc.

We carry out thermal fogging with products that are friendly to the environment, people and animals.

You will find disinfection points in the common areas and in the rooms with the necessary implements.

Hygiene and disinfection

Note that hand washing is the most effective practice for the control of COVID-19 transmission. After washing, use alcohol gel for safety.

We have sinks with water, soap and paper towels for drying hands.


Measures for our guests

Frequent hand washing

Use alcohol gel for hand disinfection.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth after touching a common surface.

Keep a distance of at least 2 metres from other people.

Use a face mask

We provide you with a fully sterilised key to your room.

Daily cleaning and disinfection both in common areas and internal areas of Samari Spa.




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