Rafting in Samari

Why Rafting in Baños de Agua Santa?

Rafting Samari

The hydrographic formations of the country of the four worlds, Ecuador, is a great advantage and privilege; for this reason, it is possible to do rafting throughout the year in the warm tropical waters of rivers like the Pastaza; this type of activity requires hiring the services of a tour operator, because they have the equipment and the necessary security for you to enjoy this adventure; Samari, gives you the facility to start this tour from the start of its facilities, giving you greater comfort.

What is Rafting?

Rafting is an adventure tourism activity, which basically consists of descending white water rivers in a pneumatic raft with a great resistance to the blows of the small waves that form the waters in its trajectory, which makes the experience more extreme; these rafts have a capacity of between 6 or 8 people, who are placed one in front of the other in a symmetrical way for ease when paddling.

Who can do it?

People from 11 years old onwards, it is not necessary to have previous knowledge, nor a special physical condition, which makes it suitable for everyone; the dynamics of handling and steering the boat make it a group dynamic, ideal for outdoor programmes, teamwork and family activities, as you can enjoy natural spaces and be in contact with the water in a direct and fun way.

What is the basic equipment needed?

The basic equipment for rafting is: the boat, which are pneumatic and you should always check that they are for professional use, this must be accompanied by paddles with a single blade, essential to carry out this sport; it is also important to equip yourself, so you must acquire a neoprene suit, whose function, basically, is to maintain body temperature even being in waters whose degrees vary depending on the area; After that, you will look for the appropriate footwear, the most recommendable are canvas shoes for their accessibility, comfort and safety when moving from one place to another; the helmet, which should fit your head, as well as the life jacket. All these elements should provide safety and comfort.

What to bring?

Once you have decided to go rafting, bear in mind that you should bring some extra items that will be useful during and after the activity:

  • Swimming costume
  • Towel
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra change of clothes for after the activity
  • Bio-safety kit (mask, disinfectant gel or alcohol antiseptic)

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