Holy water baths

Adventure and relaxation


Canoying, bungee jumping, rafting and other adventure activities in Baños de Agua Santa are some of the many attractions.

We coordinate any of these activities with qualified staff, so that you have a safe and fun experience.


Swinging in a tree with a volcano in the background, sliding down a giant slide, or riding a bike or 4×4 car and visiting theme parks are just some of the attractions you can have in Baños de Agua Santa. 

Samari offers its concierge service to coordinate any of these activities.


The waterfalls, such as the Pailón del Diablo or the Manto de la novia, are two of the major natural attractions of Baños, with a circuit that links spectacular views and adventure, it is sure to be a memory that you should take with you from Baños.

Services we can coOrdinate



City tour in Baños

Full day jungle

City viewpoint (Bellavista)

Observation of the Tungurahua volcano (Chiva ride)

Horse riding


Route of the waterfalls in Chiva

The waterfalls route by bicycle

Bridge jumping